About Us

Our Mission

To collaborate with physician partners to create a practice where providers can focus on patient care while we take care of the rest.

Our Vision

To help healthcare providers optimize their operations in a meaningful way that results in increased revenue, improved health outcomes, and delivers quality patient experience.

Operational Efficiency

Certified in Lean Six Sigma, our expert team leads your practice in identifying opportunities to remove waste and improve processes resulting in decreased operational costs and increased employee engagement and satisfaction. Our goal is to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Revenue Cycle Management

As licensed medical revenue managers, we provide expertise in enabling physician partners to increase revenue through rapid claims payment, fail proof claims submissions, and improved coding opportunities. Our goal is to maximize your revenue potential.

Choose NetTen Healthcare Solutions for comprehensive consulting services that result in improved patient care.

Let's redefine healthcare together.


Netten is dedicated to connecting and identifying with our team within the workplace. We are empathetic and understand that creating a culture catered to today’s standards allows our employees a safe space to grow and thrive. Our ethos unites us to work toward a unified goal while creating powerful results for every facet of our organization.